We are storytellers. We have fulfilled an integral role for the human race ever since there was a spoken language. Storytelling is time travel and teleportation; it is prophecy; it is philosophy; it is not just the elimination of barriers but the co-mingling of perceptions; storytelling allows us to emotionally, spiritually and intellectually suspend barriers and relearn our humanity.

We hope you will enjoy sampling these chapters from books published by Second Wind. – Mike Simpson

Index of First Chapters

  1. 500 Miles to Go by J. Conrad Guest
  2. A Love Out of  Time by Mairead Walpole
  3. A Murder in Her Past by KJ Dahlen
  4. A Retrospect in Death by J. Conrad Guest
  5. A Ripple in the Water by Donna Small
  6. A Spark of Heavenly Fire by Pat Bertram
  7. All Good Things by Leigh Somerville
  8. Backstop: A Baseball Love Story in Nine Innings by J. Conrad Guest
  9. Badeaux Knights By Suzette Vaughn
  10. Blue Flame by MC Schmidt
  11. Borrowed Trouble by JB Kohl and Eric Beetner
  12. Carpet Ride by Norm Brown
  13. Celia Whitfield’s Boy by Bill Thompson
  14. Clara’s Wish by S. M. Senden
  15. Colored Waters by Brad Stratton
  16. Come Home to Me, Child by Sally Jones and Lazarus Barnhill
  17. Crescendo by Deborah J Ledford
  18. Dancing at all the Weddings by Susan Surman
  19. Daughter Am I by Pat Bertram
  20. Deadly Adagio by Carole Howard
  21. Deadly Traffic by Mickey Hoffman
  22. Donations to Clarity by Noah Baird
  23. Enchanted Beast by Sara K. Wall
  24. Extinction by HV Purvis
  25. False Positive by JJ Dare
  26. False World by JJ Dare
  27. Fractured by Rich Adams
  28. From Victim to Victory by Regina K. Lane and Dr. Linda F. Felker
  29. Ghost Mountain by Nichole R. Bennett
  30. Grandpa’s Legacy by Charles Tindell
  31. Indian Summer by Dellani Oakes
  32. It All Started with a Dog by Leigh Somerville
  33. January’s Thaw by J. Conrad Guest
  34. Just Between Friends by Donna Small
  35. Lacey Took a Holiday by Lazarus Barnhill
  36. Lethal Boundaries by SM Senden
  37. Light Bringer by Pat Bertram
  38. Lone Wolf by Dellani Oakes
  39. Love Notes by Sherrie Hansen Decker
  40. Love Trumps Logic by Lucy Balch
  41. Loving Lydia by Amy De Trempe
  42. Main Ingredient by Susan Surman
  43. Merry Go Round by Sherrie Hansen
  44. More Deaths Than One by Pat Bertram
  45. Mortals, Gods and a Muse by Suzette Vaughn
  46. Night and Day by Sherrie Hansen
  47. Off the Chart by Smith Hagaman
  48. One Hot January by J. Conrad Guest
  49. One Too Many Blows to the Head by J.B. Kohl and Eric Beetner
  50. Redemption? by Bud Fussell
  51. Redstone by George Wright
  52. Right of Trespass by Rachael Stratford
  53. Rubicon Ranch: Riley’s Story by Second Wind Authors
  54. Rubicon Ranch: Necropieces by Second Wind Authors
  55. School of Lies by Mickey Hoffman
  56. Scoundrel by H. T. (Bud) Fussell
  57. Shakazhan by Dellani Oakes
  58. She Had to Know by Coco Ihle
  59. Shepherds by Bud Fussell
  60. Smokestack by J. R. Hobeck
  61. Sonya Recovered by Janette Rochelle Lewie
  62. Stormy Weather by Sherrie Hansen
  63. Tattletale Roadhouse and Social Club by Tony R. Lindsay
  64. The Irreversible Life of Mann by Odell Myers
  65. The Curious Case of the Chinese Chest by Samantha McDermott
  66. The Hardest Thing in This World by Nicole Eva Fraser
  67. The Knowledge Holder by Harry Margulies
  68. The Magic Fault by Paul Mohrbacher
  69. The Medicine People by Lazarus Barnhill
  70. The Ninety-Nine Reunion by Dene Hellman
  71. The Phantom Lady of Paris by Calvin Davis
  72. The Telephone Killer by Paul J. Stam
  73. Vendetta: A Deadly Win by Nancy A. Niles
  74. Warning Signs by Sheila Englehart
  75. Water Lily by Sherrie Hansen
  76. West Palm Gig by Susan Surman
  77. White Lies by Brad Stratton
  78. Wild Rose by Sherrie Hansen

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